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-Please Read this FIRST- On this site we prefer to use the actual Name of our loving Heavenly Father as it was written in the Word, and thus you will note that we will use the Four Letter “Memorial Name” of - YHVH, which is pronounced as YaHVaH or YaHWaH. In addition we will also use our Heavenly Father’s attribute/title, which is Elohim rather than “God,” which sadly is the name of a pagan god. In addition we also love to use the actual and real Name of our beloved Messiah which is - Yahushua or Yahshua in short, for this is our Saviours original Hebrew Name as given to Him at birth in Lukas - Luke 1:31. This was the only Name ever used when He was on the earth by His family, disciples and His followers OVER THE centuries, even until today! However, it was changed to a foreign name by the founder of the new “pagan church of Rome.” Occasionally, we may also use other Hebrew or Greek names as well as different words in our studies for certain common words used are from pagan backgrounds and thus are not suitable. All names will be translated when they are FIRST used in a study or at various times as needed for clarity. There is a full explanation of YHVH’s blessed “Memorial Name” as well as the wonderful blessed Name of our Messiah and Saviour, thus please read …The Memorial Name.”


Sink or Float!


Beloved, this might be called an “In-House” study and it is very much aimed at the faithful in Yahushua The Messiah, our beloved Saviour. However, I am sure that the contents of this study will just be right for the times, for I am sure that you are well aware that we are living in some of the most urgent of days as our world has sadly become frightfully evil, with wars being fought in the Middle East, Africa and yes even much closer at home! Then there are the disastrous weather patterns, earthquakes, floods, fires, as well as terrible famines. All this is just as our Saviour told us would happen in these the “latter days.” He also told us about these men, pastors and ministers who would be healing and prophesising in His Name, yet our blessed Messiah said;

“I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’” Mattityahu - Matthew 7:23.

Thus beloved, we need to be very aware that there are many pastors and ministers around these days, especially in those hyper Pentecostal TV-evangelists who are, to be absolutely frank, so far from YaHVaH Elohim (the LORD Elohim) and Yahushua The Messiah, for they are people of greed and of the self, and I would even dare to say are being led by another force, for so many of these man enter into the realm of the demonic. Beloved we need to beware of these so-called “christians” for they preach another Gospel! It is for this reason the Almighty is calling out His people to spread the Word of truth and call them to - “Return again unto Me, says YHVH” and He will return unto them! Yirmyahu - Jeremiah 3:1.

Sink or Float:

I believe a ship makes a good analogy of the life that we live in Him. I am sure that we realise that parts of a ship if they are taken piece by piece and placed in the water that it would most certainly sink, for an engine on its own would just drop to the bottom of the ocean, as would a propeller. However when all parts of a ship are built and assembled together by experts, the ship will not just float but it will sail the seven seas!

And so it is with the events of our lives. Certainly some events may have been sad, whilst others have been happy. However together they form a craft that floats and Elohim willing it is heading somewhere and better still it is on course!

Like a ship that floats as a whole, so the various members of our bodies make up a whole person that is capable of achieving great heights, but also of sinking into the depths of despair. Shaul of Tarsus - Paul shows us that our body’s member’s such as the eyes, hands and feet make up “One Body.” He teaches how ridiculous it would be if the whole body was just an eye. Thus it is with a ship, if it was just an engine it would be useless.

We need to remember that in our bodies there are many members, all part of one body and they all work and cooperate together. So it is with the events with our lives, each being different, yet making up a whole. Therefore we need to balance our lives. If we only eat all-day long we could easily all weigh well over 120 to 140 kilos or even more.

Just think about it, the past twelve months were made up of many events that add up to one year’s experience. Putting it all together, did we Sink or Float? Was there a balance in your life? How much of the past twelve months was devoted to Elohim in prayer and reading and studying His Word? How much time did you give in serving Yahushua The Messiah? The question is, did you move closer to Him or further away?

During the last twelve months we all slept, worked, hopefully shared the Word with someone and enjoyed some leisure time. In spite the fact that we may have done all those things, when we add up the totals, we all will get different answers because we all will have done each of these things in varying degrees.

However, the score has been tallied and entered in Elohim’s Record Book and we cannot change it now. Nevertheless we can improve ourselves by doing better in the next twelve months. This means we must go about the year ahead in a different way than the last one. Perhaps what we need to do is to re-distribute the load and get a far better balance!

A large ship is able to carry a huge cargo load that is if it is properly placed and stored in the holds or in the case with containers above on deck. However, if too much is placed on one side it will cause the ship to list and capsize and the ship would sink. It is much the same with our lives, we need to distribute the load making sure we are loading our lives with the right things and putting them all in the right places.

Does YaHVaH Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified (holy) Name, get the very best that we have to offer? Or does He receive what is left over at the end of the day? Out of twenty-four hours, how much time did we give unto our Saviour? Or did we fill just that odd moment during the day with a little praise and prayer to Him? Beloved, what are you seeking first, the Kingdom of Elohim and His Righteousness or … ?

So far this little “Body Study” has been a preparation to the following question … “Are you willing to go when Messiah calls you?Will you be ready and reply … “Hinei – Here AM I – SEND ME.” Yeshayahu - Isaiah 6:8.

Yeshayahu - Isaiah said when he was called by the Almighty, “Here am I, send me.” To this Elohim replied;

Go and tell this people. ‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding, be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’” Yeshayahu - Isaiah 6:9.

Yeshayahu - Isaiah then went and preached the Words that Elohim had given him to the nation. As the Almighty predicted they sadly heard without understanding and looked without seeing.

Sadly it is just like in the days of the prophets, reminiscent of so many today, and sadly that includes so many in the church just like Israel in Yeshayahu – Isaiah’s days where so few have ears to hear the Word of our most high Elohim and His Messiah, Yahushua and thus they do not have the eyes to see His wonderful Glory. They fail to hear and to see the signs of the times just as Saviour has predicted. It was in June 2011 a leading Green Party Politician in Australia and I should note that he and his party held the balance of power of the Australian Government, stated publically that “I support a one world Government and a single currency.” This beloved is a powerful warning to all of us what days we are really living in, the very days that our Messiah warned us about!

It is time for us to say “Here am I Master, send me.” Beloved, our loving “Abba - Father” is still calling out a people for His Name, one here, one there, but we know that … “The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.”

In these the “Latter Days” it is no good being unemployed in the service of “the King of kings and the Master of masters” for the work is out there. So, what possible excuse can we give for standing idly by and being so busy with spiritual chatter, when there is so much real work to be done?

I have heard far too many excuses given for far too long, just as Yahushua showed us in a parable (Lukas - Luke 14:18-10). These were just some:

I have just bought a piece of land” … another said … “I have just bought five yoke of oxen” … one more excuse was … “I have just got married, therefore I cannot come.”

All these excuses have their counterpart in these modern days. That “Piece of land” could be our homes and gardens, “well, we cannot go witnessing on our days off because these are the only days we have to do things.” The “Oxen” can easily be our cars, which instead of transporting us to do a good work for the His sake; it carries us over hill and dale in the pursuit of this world’s goods. “Marriage” has not changed since the time of the Messiah, and often husband and wife makes an excellent excuse for not doing what we did not want to do anyway!

When it comes to sharing the Gospel, telling others about our Hope in Yahushua, we often feel like Moshe - Moses who said to Elohim “O YHVH, I am not eloquent.” However, Elohim, blessed be He, replied, “Who made man’s mouth? Have not I, YHVH? Now therefore GO.”

Another excuse I so often hear is, “I can’t share with my own family or (ethnic) community, for they know me and will laugh at me.” Is that not the point, let them see the change in your life.

First be aWitness of Life” to them and after they have seen the big change in your life, then there will come the right time when you will be able to share the Word with them by being a “Witness of Lips.” Even Moshe had to return to Egypt where he had been a failure when he tried to help his own people in his own strength by killing an Egyptian. If these are your excuses, I pray it does not mean, “I am afraid to go, or I do not want to go.”

In these urgent days beloved, we must be challenged to do something, but we have to do much more than we have ever done before. For the fact is, Yahushua our Saviour is coming soon for His Bride and we must go forth and Proclaim this Truth, that lost souls have the opportunity to accept and believe in the Messiah, to have them repent of their sins and be washed clean from all their sins that they also may have eternal life!

The difference between those who go and share the Gospel, and those that find excuses for staying at home is not that the one going feel’s adequate and the other inadequate, rather the doers go and the doers do! They go feeling that of their own self they can do nothing, but if the Almighty is with them, filled with the Ruach HaKodesh (the Sanctified (holy) Spirit,) who can stand against them! Together with Shaul - Paul they can exclaim “I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13) for “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Messiah, for it is the Power of Elohim unto Salvation to everyone who believes.” (Romans 1:16). If we follow Yeshayahu – Isaiah’s example we will say: “Hinei, Here am I, send me” and Elohim will say “Go and preach the Gospel to every creature.”

Beloved, how is your ship shaping up this year, is it well balanced. Or is it sinking?

In Conclusion:

I pray that you have been challenged and that your life has been touched by this little study! I pray that you together with other faithful believers in Yahushua The Messiah will GO FORTH and share the WORD like never before. I know that many have been called and somehow have put it off for various reasons and I believe that this study - “Sink or Float” may well have touched you for a very special reason!

“Labour not for food that perishes, but for that food which endures unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you” Yochanan - John 6:27.

“Teach me Your way, O YHVH. I will walk in Your truth.

Tehillim – Psalms 86:11

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