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What … Why … How?

A Look at Repentance

With our Elder & Teacher


“Elohim (God) showed His great love for us by sending the Messiah to die for us while we were still sinners.”

Romans 5:8.

You may ask

“What is Repentance … Why should I Repent … and How do I Repent?”

The answer may be found in this short prayer …

“Heavenly Father, speak to me through Your Word, for Your Word is Life. ‘It is a tree of life, to them that grasp it, and those that uphold it are made happy. Its ways are pleasant ways and all its paths are peace.’ In *Yahushua’s name, and by his shed blood we are set free.”

What is Repentance?

Ephesians chapter 2 in verse 1 provides some good news for everyone who has been living a life full of sin and in error, as it clearly states …

“And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins”

Now let us go and look into this question a little further and gain some insight what all this really means and what we can gain from it!

THE WORLD OF DARKNESS. It is only by realising the nature of the world of “trespasses and sins” that we can appreciate the worth of *Yahushua’s sacrifice in redeeming or freeing us from it. We must look at this world through YaHVaH Elohim’s eyes, blessed be His Sanctified Name, with the help of His Word, and not through our own. Once we do this, we can understand how desperate the state of men is, of those who continue to live a life of sin.

*Yahushua is The Messiah’s actual/real Scriptural Name.

When the Messiah first came the apostle John recorded that “the Light shines in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not” chapter 1, verse 5. And, thus, it has always been. To be rescued from the world of darkness, men must respond with more than just a “sorry.” It has to be an understanding of our sinful nature, and we must have the desire in our heart for complete restoration with Elohim, in and through the name of *Yahushua, who gave his life that we might live!

Unless we have repented, we will continue to live in “the world of darkness” in “a world of sin” Yahushua reveals the future of those who remain in sin “And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.” Mathew 5:30.

WHAT IS REPENTANCE? Repentance is a change of attitude, to choose to depart out of the world of darkness (sin) and enter into the light that Yahushua offers through his shed blood on the stake (cross). Amazingly, the Living Bible says it in a perfect way,

“Now CHANGE YOUR MIND and ATTITUDE to Elohim, and TURN to Him so that He can cleanse away your sins and send you wonderful times of refreshment from the presence of Elohim.” Acts 3:19.

Repentance is to turn our back on sin and commence on the path that leads to eternal life.

WHAT IS REPENTANCE? It is your choice to return to Elohim, our Creator, and Redeemer. Throughout Scripture, Elohim makes this request. “RETURN AGAIN UNTO ME.” We are able to “Repent and Turn” to Elohim, and cease “from all your transgressions” and we will be washed clean by the shed Blood of the Lamb “and be made WHOLE AGAIN!”

Why Should I Repent?

What are you looking for in life? Is it money, possessions, prestige or simply drink and sex. What makes your life run smoothly, full of peace and happiness? Is it any or all of the things stated above? NO certainly not! Because there are so many outside influences, that disturbs your happiness … your peace and your life. Your lifestyle is linked to what you are seeking … and WHAT YOU SEEK IS WHAT YOU GET! If you seek the things of the world, you will never enter the Kingdom of Elohim. In the freedom that Elohim has given us, we have to choose between good or evil, eternal life or not. That is your choice now! LIFE or DEATH.

Tehillim - Psalm 1

This Tehillim - Psalm proves that there are two kinds of people on the earth. Verses 1-3 tell us of one kind of person, the kind that is “righteous.” On the other hand Verses 4-6 clearly describes and defines “the wicked,” the sinner. In other words, we are either on the path to heaven or hell.

HERE IS NO MIDDLE ROAD. This Tehillim - Psalm speaks of Two men, Two ways, Two destinations. If you are on the destiny of Verses 4-6, you will suffer “weakness, sorrow and death.” But if you seek “STRENGTH, JOY AND LIFE.” We pray that you will want to repent and live in verses 1-3.

We will continue to ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS, and we pray that you will heed to the voice of your Elohim (God), and His Son Yahushua THE Messiah!

How Do I Repent

The way up is the way down. You see, it may sound strange, but the Gospel in a way is first BAD NEWS, but then it becomes GOOD NEWS. The truth is we must first believe and humble ourselves before our Elohim and repent of all our sins and then we have the assurance that He will lift you up no matter where you have been. “Elohim is near unto them that are of a broken heart, and saves those of a contrite sprit.” Then being renewed, “reborn,” we are to live a life according to His Word in obedience, knowing Yahushua and Elohim will lead you by His love, His spirit, resulting in a life that is in harmony with His plan of salvation.

HOW DO YOU REPENT? Your heart will have already guided you as you have been reading this short study … BELIEVE in Elohim, REPENT of your sins, and live according to His WORD.

Friend, Messiah Yahushua died in our place and He rose from the dead three days and nights later. He is the only way to the Father. Romans 5:8 - 1 Corinthians 15:3-6 & Yochanan - John 14:6.

CONFESS YOUR SINS, having done this we must be desiring in our hearts to depart from all evil and must individually ACCEPT Yahushua as THE Messiah, only then we can know and experience Elohim’s love and plan for our lives.

Your next question should be …

When Do I Repent?

REPENT NOW! Don’t wait until tomorrow, IT COULD BE TO LATE. Do it now, BELIEVE and REPENT, and you shall be SAVED by the shed Blood of the Lamb of Elohim.

If you have the Holy Scriptures, read Lukas - Luke 15: 11 to 24 and then keep right on reading. If you do not have one, we will send you a link to a free one online, and will do so without any obligation and we will not contact you again, unless you ask a question.

Would you like to know more? Contact us per email for further guidance.

“Teach me Your way, O YHVH. I will walk in Your truth.

Tehillim – Psalms 86:11

May YHVH Elohim bless and keep you in the palm of His hand always, in Messiah Yahushua’s loving Name!


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