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There is no doubt that Muslims believe that their prophet Muhammed is a descendant of Ishmael, and as proof of their belief they refer to genealogies that were written around 770-775 A.D. by a certain “Ibn Ishak.”

However, the point is, what he wrote may well be a great story, but without any truth whatsoever, for it is very simple to be disproved by any Middle Eastern historian or those in the field of archaeology or a main field academic who has an interest in the subject matter. Every investigation to date has come up with one conclusion that it is nothing to substantiate the matter of a relationship whatsoever!

Let us look at the facts:

The “Ishmaelite tribes,” who were “great in number,” especially the tribe of “Nebaioth” from which, according to Ibn Ishak, Muhammed is said to have come, were nomadic tribes who lived in “the Sinai” and the “Fertile Crescent” deserts. However, the truth is that these tribes actually had disappeared after the 7th century B.C.

Considering that Muhammed’s family were from a “Sabaean Yemeni” family background, whilst the Ishmaelite’s who lived in the deserts of the “Fertile Crescent” had became extinct century or so before Muhammed’s family even left “Yemen” to go to “the “Sinai” and the “Fertile Crescent.”

Historians say that the family of Muhammed was a family that lived in Saba-Yemen in the 5th century A.D. Qusay Bin Kilab, the 8th.ancestor of Muhammed, gathered an alliance of many Yemeni families forming “Quraish,” the tribe out of which Muhammed later came. These families only came to occupy Mecca in the 5th.century A.D. For interest, the city of Mecca was built by the tribe of Khuzaa’h in the 4th.century A.D.

Muhammed’s family is not connected to ANY Ishmaelite tribe, for the simple reason because Muhammed’s family did not leave Yemen until the 5th century A.D., and that’s about 1,100 years after the Ishmaelite’s had fully disappeared. Thus the whole Islamic so-called connection to the Patriarch of Israel, Avraham is based on one huge lie, and they have NEVER had any connection to the mountain where he took Yitzchak - Isaac to be offered, and the City of YaHVaH Elohim, which He later gave to king Dovid – David to rule over, then to Shlomo, eventually to He who came and was the “King of the Judeans” (Jews) when He was in Jerusalem, but as we all know the evildoers killed Him, but Elohim raised Him in glory after three days and nights in the tomb and He walked for forty days with His own, before the Father raised Him up to be at His side!

Muhammed and his god:

But, what does Muhammed and his pagan god “Allah” have to do with all this? The Word has very clearly told us that “The wages of sin is death.” Muhammed was a false prophet just like so many others and thus he was a tool of Satan and came to lead many astray into a false religion and worship a false god by the name of “Allah!” And who was this “Allah?”

This is an ancient moon god that was worshipped amongst the tribes of the Arabian desserts from around 2,000 BC. The crescent moon has been their most popular symbol in ration to this ancient pagan moon god. This moon god was also referred to as “al’ilah,” it was its proper name, but more of a generic reference, meaning “the god.” However, “al’ilah’ was later shortened to “Allah” and this occurred before Muhammad began promoting his new religion in 610 AD.

There is evidence that the moon god “Hubal” was referred to as "Allah." When Muhammad came along, he dropped all references to the name “Hubal” but retained the generic “Allah.”

Muhammed and his Genealogy:

In addition, the genealogy that was fabricated by this Ibn-Ishak actually contradicts the sayings of Muhammed, who expressed his ignorance about his ancestors prior to his 17th.ancestor. Ibn Ishak was considered by the Muslim scholars of his time as being guilty of forgery and fabricating false genealogies.

However, long before Ibn Ishak, Muslims who lived in Muhammed’s own time also fabricated genealogies in an attempt to connect Muhammed to the descendants of Ishmael and Avraham. Muhammed, himself, rejected all of these false genealogies, and he put limits regarding the genealogy of his ancestors. Regarding Muhammed’s own rejection of the false genealogies, Amru bin al-As wrote:

Muhammed genealogised himself regarding his ancestors until he reached al-Nather bin Kinaneh, then he said, “Anyone who claimed otherwise or added further ancestors, has lied.

By this, Muhammed confessed that neither he, nor anyone else, knew about his ancestors beyond al-Nather bin Kinaneh. Nather bin Kinaneh is the 17th ancestor in the genealogy which Muhammed recognized as true. Other narrations of the customs, or sayings, of Muhammed, called Hadiths, show Muhammed refused to be genealogised prior to Maad, who some suggested, was the 4th ancestor prior to al-Nather bin Kinaneh.

There is so much more to this rather confusing sad tale, but in short, thus leader of Islam, is not related to in any shape of form to Ishmael, or Avraham, that is lie number one, and here is one of the other big hideous Muslim lies!

Muhammed claimed to have ascended to heaven, met Abraham, and on this journey, he learned that he was in fact a true copy of Abraham, so as to convince his followers that he was a true and a worthy descendent from Abraham.

Now, we have to turn to the Brit Chadashah – New Covenant here and see what Messiah Yahushua has stated, and that will prove something else!

“No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven, the Son of Man.” Yochanan - John 3:13.

That is the end of that, for not one single saint from the days of the Tanach, the Old Covenant has gone to heaven, for even Shime’on (Peter) said;

“Brothers, I can tell you confidently that the patriarch David died and was buried and his tomb is here to this day.” Acts 2:29.

In conclusion:

1. Muhammed was not a descendant of Ishmael; That was just another lie. 2. He was, and in reality remained what he already was, a Moon worshipper, but added little bits of this and that into the mix, for why else did he give his god the name of the pagan moon-god Allah?

Think and pray about these things, in order that you may rationally come to a Spiritual conclusion, for we must allow our Heavenly Father, the True YHVH Elohim rule our lives, and come to know that it is only through Yahushua THE Messiah who gave His life, shed His blood that you can be saved from your sins! Believe, accept Yahushua as you Saviour and Repent of your sins and be immersed in water in His Name! We can guide you if you so wish, but we will only do so if asked.

May YHVH Elohim bless and keep you in the palm of His hand always, in Messiah Yahushua’s loving Name!

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