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Why is it that Believer’s so often Suffer

Or “How Dry is Your Brook

Looking at a variety of Scriptures from the “Tanach” and “Brit Chadashah”

Being Hebrew for the “Old Covenant” and the “New Covenant”

Part Two

Beloved, the question we asked in Part One is “Why is it that believer’s so often suffer,” and this has been so often asked of me and there is a valid answer to this question, which I believe has already been partially answered. Yet to fully comprehend this we will look further into the blessed Word of YaHVaH Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified Name, to obtain a full understanding!

I did relate the powerful story regarding the prophet Eliyahu - Elijah when he was told by the Almighty to go to the Brook of Cherith and there he had ample water and was provided food brought to him by the ravens. But then came the time when a great drought reached the brook that had dried up even where he was and suddenly he found himself without water. Thus just like Eliyahu - Elijah Eliyahu - Elijah, we also can find ourselves in times in our lives in a situation where our “Brooks may have dried up.”

As you continue to read this study, I ask beloved, that you to spend some time in prayer and ask our Heavenly Father in Messiah Yahushua’s blessed Name for guidance and discernment that you may gain much and know what is right when it comes to what is being taught! For, I firmly believe that we should always pray before reading anything and seek his guidance if what we are reading comes from Him or not, and that is regardless who the teacher is and that includes myself!

I pray that Part One has been a blessing to you and that you will have found something therein that you can take and apply to your life and turn around those “Dry brooks” and make the waters flow again, and remember what I stated at the end of Part One; our loving Saviour Yahushua is always there and with us, and remember what He said;

“So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you, for everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Lukas - Luke 11:9-10.

The only thing we do have to remember is that sometimes our prayers may not be answered right there and then, and there is always a reason for this. Often, it is we ourselves that must first make some changes in our own lives and become more obedient and start reading, understanding the Word and listening, for YaHVaH Elohim may well be speaking to you one very blessed day, just as He did to me, back in 1977, but I had to wait a very long time for this, and I had to be ready to receive and act upon it!

We have been Chosen by Elohim from Eternity:

If you think about it carefully and ask the question; if the hardships have been necessary to prepare us for eternal life, then they should really be looked upon as a part of YaHVaH Elohim’s, blessed be His Sanctified Name, great plan of election for our salvation. One of the great prophets of Elohim wrote;

“Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.” Yeshayahu - Isaiah 48:10.

What a great truth this is, for we all in some way have and are being tested, the question is will we stand the Sanctified test? Therefore just as the Scriptures so clearly teach us, there should be a great difference in our attitude if we can only understand suffering as a sign of Elohim’s special love and choice for us to spend eternity with Him, for we already know that He loved us before we were born, just as the Apostle Shaul - Paul so clearly said;

“He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be Sanctified and without blame before Him in love.” Ephesians 1:4.

Beloved, can you even fathom the great depth of this exciting and amazing truth? You are that special single person upon whom Elohim has placed through eternity His Divine wisdom to perfect a detailed plan in order to receive ultimate salvation. And as you submit to Him, He will certainly perform only what has been determined as essential to carry out His plan for your life. If that plan allows for heartaches here and there and even apparent disasters from time to time, YaHVaH Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified Name, will never permit more than what we can really bear. He will be there to measure and temper the furnace according to our strength and according to our need.

Does this sound like a contrived explanation, for the problems of pain and afflictions in the faithful lives? I am sure that to those who simply will not believe in the existence of Elohim the Creator of Heaven and the Earth and all that is therein, will without doubt ridicule all the aforementioned statements! They will scoff at the idea that a Loving, Omnipotent Deity would not intervene to spare His followers from all trouble and pain. There are times that even the faithful may be hard-pressed to justify the apparent arbitrary manner in which some suffer whilst others seem to be spared. How can we respond to the accusation that a just Elohim would protect all His people from all trouble at all times? Let me commence by saying that it is possible that Elohim could ensure that nothing painful would ever happen for He has the power to prevent accidents. Indeed, YaHVaH Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified Name, could commission angels and the “Ruach HaKodesh” - the “Holy Spirit” to override the law of cause and effect in the lives of all the faithful in Him. They would never get a bad cold, flu, or even stub their poor little toes, or contract cancer. But, beloved is that really true life? All I can say with all honesty, No it is not!

The Elohim of all grace, who called us to His Eternal Glory by Messiah Yahushua, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.” 1 Shime’on - 1 Peter 5:10-11.

If it was true that a faithful believer could be completely be protected, I could see everyone rush into the camp of the faithful just to be protected from trouble of the flesh and all outside influences, in fact the world would literally be compelled to follow the Messiah only for the physical purpose and certainly not any Spiritual reasons.

But beloved, as we know well Elohim does not build His kingdom upon appeals based on those selfish, being the “I, Me, and My-Self” type motives, just to be protected from harm.

“YHVH knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the Day of Judgment and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous and self-willed.” 2 Shime’on - 2 Peter 2:9-10.

Nature of His Love:

YaHVaH Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified Name, made man and woman and He had to allow the natural laws to operate equally upon all in order to demonstrate the unconditional nature of His love. The faithful in Him continue their natural lives with the same genetic weaknesses as others who have no faith at all. Thus they may have accidents, and can die from the very same diseases that afflict the unbeliever.

Physically, then, is the physical life of the faithful in Him does not alter and thus they are able to suffer, and they do in the same way a non-believer in Messiah Yahushua suffers? Of course, the answer to that question should be carefully qualified. Elohim reveals no partiality in the way He permits the natural law to affect all mankind. Any difference that enters the picture must be based upon the individual’s response rather than any difference Elohim makes between categories or classes. This is another way of saying that no one in the world can prevent troubles coming into his life, but he can decide what those troubles do to his life after they happen. The Believer meets trouble by surrendering to the will of Elohim; however, we are called on to pray for the sick for healing in the Name of Yahushua the Messiah, blessed is He!

Such a trusting faith cannot only bring power to bear the suffering with fewer traumas, but also, in certain cases to be healed of the affliction, Praise Him! This response of Elohim to the faith of an individual has nothing to do with favouring a class of people. Elohim is still operating within the framework of law, but this time Spiritual law instead of the natural. That law is not limited to any nationality or race, but is based on your faith in Yahushua the Messiah and not in any other!

All who approach Him in faith will tap into the same reservoir of Divine power. Even though YaHVaH Elohim’s love is unconditional, His healing power is not. Nevertheless, the conditions are the same for all, and He delights to set the spiritual laws of asking, Knowing Him, Understanding Him and Believing in Him, and the Saviour ensures receiving His love for anyone.

The Question is, Can Hardships Help Us?

The amazing truth is that there those who simply cannot mature until they have been buffeted by some hardships and opposition? There is no doubt, when we think of Moshe - Moses spending forty years in the wilderness before Elohim could use him for leading Israel out of bondage, now that would have been a very hard time for a man who was once a great prince of Egypt! We also marvel at the years Yochanan - John was isolated and imprisoned on Patmos, before he became the writer of the Book of Revelation. And then we know how Shaul- Paul experienced hideous torture and imprisonment before he could write,

“Godliness with contentment is great gain” 1 Timotheos - 1 Timothy 6:6.

I believe Shaul - Paul was being prepared for the Kingdom during those seasons of solitary confinement, and I believe that he also required a much needed rest from his long journeys and his wearying oversight of the churches. It is almost impossible for human beings to recognise the limits of their physical endurance. Thus they seldom stop in time to prevent collapse due to exhaustion. A story I read said that a Cambridge naturalist released a pigeon that had been born in a cage. And the first time the bird used its wings to fly around the laboratory room it went around and around the room and the pigeon was so excited and panting. But very soon, in utter exhaustion, the frantic bird crashed into a wall and fell to the floor seriously injured. Only then did the scientist realize that the pigeon had inherited the instinct to fly but had not learned to end its flight. Had it not been willing to risk the shock of a crash landing, the bird would have died of stress still flying midair.

There are times that YaHVaH Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified Name, has to stop people from their furious pace of life before they destroy their own usefulness. The trauma of a sudden stop may be hard to understand and accept. Sickness, loss of job, or even tragedy may be necessary in order to provide time for physical and spiritual recuperation.

“Be still, and know that I am Elohim.” Tehillim - Psalm 46:10.

During days of slow recovery from surgery, there may have been times when some who discovered that our blessed Saviour had been closer to us than we ever thought, whilst we were praying asking for answers, and there may well have been those very special times when a Divine Appointment may have taken place, and you may not even have known it!

Perhaps only Elohim understands why pain is often the only thing that can get the attention of human beings. Never should we blame Elohim when there is something in our lives that happens that will ultimately draw us to Him. Strange as it may seem to us, but prosperity, good health, and the smooth sailing of our lives generally do not attract the soul to Elohim.

There is a well known story of a man who was imprisoned in a castle tower and as he was attempting to alert passers by of his dilemma, but people just could not hear him. Thus he decided that whenever someone was about to pass, he would drop a gold coin from his pocket to attract their attention. But although they scrambled about to recover the falling coin, no one ever looked up to see the plight of the prisoner on the tower. Finally, he managed to break off a piece of mortar from a wall and he dropped it. As he did this, it hit a man and it injured him. It was only then, did the man and those who came to help him look up and they received the alert from the tower above.

Beloved, in the same way all manner of blessings are taken for granted. Thus, instead of looking towards the source, we are far too busy gathering more and more from the world around us. And tragically, all too often it is only when so many are hurt that they look up and begin to listen to the message, which Elohim has been trying to communicate with them!

Lets Look for the Reason:

There are so many things that we can learn from this study, and I pray that you will gain much from it. Although it has been written in general terms and it may well apply to you, but also it may apply just in part to all of us, thus we need to be prayerful and take from it what we need to gain from this work!

After a period of test, YaHVaH Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified name, will always reveal the reasons for His Divine permissions in our lives, “His dried-up brooks?” But this may not be the case in this life! Our faith may just have to hold us strong until Elohim can Himself explain to us why things were just so. Shaul - Paul finally came to know why Elohim allowed his “thorn in the flesh.” It was to keep him from feeling exalted. Personally, I will have to wait until Yahushua comes to understand why I suffered an illness back whilst on ministry in 1988 and it has remained with me right into my 70s, suffering great pain. However, always knowing that He is great and never have I doubted my Heavenly Father or my beloved Saviour!

The faithful in Him should look for the reason when trials appear. Usually, a new door will open when one brook dries up. But if the years bring no satisfactory explanation of tragic loss, then we should always continue to trust Him still. Someday He will make it plain to us. In the meantime, we are sustained by the comfort of the One who fully understands our grief’s and sorrows, for Yahushua became one of us in order that He could experience the very pain that we suffer, and be a faithful Intercessor for us. Only those who have passed through that kind of suffering can truly sympathize and communicate with our hearts. When a grief-stricken mother cried out, “Where was the Almighty when my daughter died in that car crash?” the answer quietly came back, “He was at the very same place when YaHVaH Elohim’s Son was brutally tortured and nailed to the that stake and killed on the stake (cross).”

I believe beloved, that there is a huge lesson in that answer, for if Elohim would not intervene to save Yahushua’s life because He saw that great good would result, then His life and death will have touched others in so many different ways. I know, I have lost much and I suggest you read my book Dutch Tzedakah, which is now online in English for it tells the story of how many of Dutch faithful believers rescued Dutch Jews from the Holocaust, and I am here because of these wonderful faithful ones. Sadly many of these godly servants in Messiah were brutally murdered by the Nazis! And as we will know, tragically some six million Hebrew’s (Children of Israel) were slaughtered by the Nazis.

Yet the Scriptures very clearly provided us with prophecy, that speak that Israel in part would reject the Messiah and that they would be dispersed to the four corners of the earth and the land, of their, what - their “enemies.”

However, even when our Heavenly Father speaks of punishment, there frequently is a redemptive element for in Vayikra - Leviticus 26 and Davarim - Deuteronomy 28 and after a certain time Israel would be permitted to return to their land out of dispersion!

“‘I will scatter you among the nations and will draw out my sword and pursue you. Your land will be laid waste, and your cities will lie in ruins. Then the land will enjoy its Sabbath years all the time that it lies desolate and you are in the country of your enemies; then the land will rest and enjoy its Sabbaths. All the time that it lies desolate, the land will have the rest it did not have during the Sabbaths you lived in it.’”

“‘You will perish among the nations; the land of your enemies will devour you.’”

“‘Yet in spite of this, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them or abhor them so as to destroy them completely, breaking my covenant with them. I am YHVH their Elohim. But for their sake I will remember the covenant with their ancestors whom I brought out of Egypt in the sight of the nations to be their Elohim. I am the YHVH.’” Vayikra - Leviticus 26:33-35-38 & 44-45.

Whilst the prophet Yehechel - Ezekiel prophesied the resurrection of Israel, and this great event would usher in the Messianic reign of universal peace and righteousness upon the earth, in the hearts of those who would know and believe in Him! Read

And is that not the reason I could feel the sweet, personal touch of the Father upon my life during those dark hours of grief? He knew exactly how I felt. He could minister to me as no human friend could do. Has not my own ability to provide healing comfort been greatly strengthened because I have shared a similar sorrow with those who have lost children? Read Yehechel - Ezekiel chapter37, verses 1 to 5 and 11 to 13, which will clarify what is stated above. But it is amazing that punishment, in this case being the punishment of sin of the unfaithful of Israel, can lead to a good outcome and rich blessings!

A special Note: I recall when I as a Jewish man had come to know our loving Saviour and so many christians kept telling me that the Jews had either; “rejected christ,” or “killed christ.” The truth is that both statements are lies, for 1: many of the Judeans and Israelites living in Judea accepted our beloved Saviour Yahushua the Messiah and followed Him throughout His ministry and after His death and resurrection. And no they were not present at the trial at Pilate when the Pharisees and wicked ones “cried out, saying ‘Crucify Him, crucify Him!’” Yochanan - John 19:6. For most of the faithful Hebrews/Israelites in Messiah and others were at home preparing for their Passover as all the faithful were at that time! In addition, the wickedly installed Pharisees, who came from high standing and rich households and thus they were given positions of great and high rank with power over the people, such as being a Pharisee, etc, yet many of these men had very little true deep seated faith as is so clearly shown in the Brit Chadashah - Hebrew for the New Covenant!

Thus beloved, there is much to learn from the Children of Israel and their suffering, yet Elohim brought them back to their own land after the Holocaust, just as is so clearly revealed in the many prophecies!

Beloved, the faithful should have no illusions about the source of afflictions. Sin is the cause of all suffering in the world today. Elohim is often blamed for doing the devil’s work. Not one cancer has ever been caused by Elohim. In the experience of Job we have a perfect picture of Satan’s mischievous program to afflict Elohim’s faithful children. Up to certain limits Elohim allowed Job to be tested by the great adversary, and the triumphant conclusion of the story reveals why Elohim permitted things to go as far as they did. Job emerged from the devastating trials with a stronger faith and greater prosperity than he had before.

“The righteous cry out, and YHVH hears, and delivers them out of all their afflictions … YHVH redeems the soul of His servants: and none of those who trust in Him shall be condemned.” Tehillim - Psalms 34:19 & 22.

There could be many reasons why Elohim allows Satan limited access to His followers, but one of the main positive effects is to keep the faithful in Him constantly on guard against sin. Thus beloved, we should always be at the ready, for at the very first approach of that evil cunning enemy who can be recognized and he can be prayerfully repulsed, by using; “the covering of the precious Shed Blood of the Lamb of YaHVaH Elohim.” Having the knowledge that the enemy is apt to attack at any moment or place develops a healthy spirit of alert of defensiveness.

Can we not see in this study and its many details therein a possible reason for our own harassment by that evil one? Does our Heavenly Father allow Satan to constantly threaten us so that we have to be constantly in protective readiness? Beloved, this king of readiness is exactly what we need to produce a necessary attitude of vigilance towards sin, any kind of evil to enter our lives, but also in awaiting the Second Coming!

In the meantime, what is the solution? The solution, my friend, is simply to trust the promise of One who has never failed us yet.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love Elohim, to them who are the called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28.

The Blessings at Zarephath:

As I already indicated earlier, there were real blessings at the woman at the well at Zarephath, for it was amazingly manifold, and far greater and more wonderful than the brook and ravens at Cherith could ever have been. But it took Elohim to dry up Cherith before He revealed to Eliyahu for him to go to Zarephath, for this town was also a place of preparation as Eliyahu - Elijah was being strengthened whilst he was there for a far greater role! For at Cherith would come a massive test of Eliyahu’s faith and there was a massive battle going on in Elijah’s mind before he, could humanly speaking go and live with a widow with a son as a man of Elohim.

There is always the time when everything looks absolutely hopeless. And that happened with Eliyahu and it will happen to us at some point of time and I suggest that you read the complete study on Eliyahu - Elijah, which is far more comprehensive than what I have been able to reveal here in these two pages and it contains some of the most wonderful and the amazing details of what is about to occur in Zarephath and believe me, it is simply beyond amazing! Thus it is really worth reading and I know that you will be richly blessed by it! The LINK is located below.

“Now may YHVH direct your hearts into the love of Elohim and into the patience of Messiah.” 2 Thessalonians 3:5.

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“Teach me Your way, O YHVH. I will walk in Your truth.

Tehillim – Psalms 86:11


May YaHVaH Elohim bless and keep you in the palm of His hand, in Messiah Yahushua’s loving Name!

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